Teen Bitcoin Millionaire

in Education2 months ago

Erik Finman made his first million dollar when he was only 18 years old as a teenager.

He was one of the youngest Bitcoin millionaires around the world.

He got into Bitcoin when he was only twelve years old. It was only about $10 to $12 for each Bitcoin then.

With a thousand dollar that he received from his grandmother, he was able to buy more than 400 Bitcoin.

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We can imagine how much he would have now if he still had 400 Bitcoin with the price of Bitcoin that went over US$20K recently.

As a kid, I would never have thought of making an investment.

I got to know about Bitcoin from my elder son who was a teenager and he managed to invest to earn a nice small profit in 2019 when Bitcoin was at its peak then.

As a young guy, he was brave to dropout of school at the age of 15 and he started his own educational company to allow others to find good teachers.

He wanted to make his own rules in life and how he can build things from scratch in his own decided manner rather than following others.