Singapore Schools Reopen

in Educationlast month

After a long year-end school holidays, it was finally the start of a new school term in 2021.

It may be an exciting moment for some students while the others may just feel like having an extended school holiday.

Most teachers who have taught for many years like me would have certain degree of feeling down since the whole routine of endless work was starting again.

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Teaching indeed is an inspiring job that can change the destiny of the next generation but the journey may not be easy especially with the disintegrated families and all sorts of cyber-addictions.

Resilience and determination are two important components to keep teachers in the profession when initial passion dies down by the reality of the teaching profession.

It is true that the awakening of such passion in teaching often can be reignited by our ex-students who indicated how much we had impacted them when we were able to meet them many years later.

School has started for two weeks and all teachers in my school can really feel the tiredness after taking a long break.

Let’s hope for a great 2021 and we can continue to change the lives of these students under us for a better tomorrow.


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