Recording Lessons For Quarantine Teaching

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Learning is never the same without physical contact.

Many teachers decided to record their lessons so that they could post these videos for their students to learn from home.

Students were able to see part of the home conditions of teachers and their classmates when they had zoom meetings for lessons.

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Teachers may have a tight schedule during home-based learning since they had to create suitable learning package for home-based learning.

Meetings were still conducted for many schools through google meet or zoom for teachers over my side of the world.

I had an average of about three 1-hour meetings daily.

I could work easily from 7 am to 10 pm daily and it was extremely tiring especially many of us had followed the stay-at-home rule unless we needed to buy food.

The sacrifices that teachers had to put up with was to ensure that learning would not be compromised even during lockdown.

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