Playing ‘Among Us’ Multiplayer Game

in Education2 months ago

It was the last day of school and we had some bonding activities.

I decided to show some videoclips from youtube and I found out that almost the whole class was playing the game called ‘Among Us’.

I was not familiar with this game so I asked and found out more about it.

Video Source

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that allows 4 to 10 players.

The good thing is it requires deduction and logic so it does get their brains to analyse and think.

There would be at least one imposter that looks like everyone else so the other players can make guesses to vote a player that they suspect to be the imposter out of the ship.

By identifying and voting the imposter out of the game would enable the other players to win the game.

It looks like a healthy game for my students but it can be addictive too so I did advise them to restrict the amount of time they are spending on gaming.

Taking a break and play a game is good but it is really bad when it is an addiction without control.


My girls love this game lol

A popular international game for all ages. 😁

Looks that way, they are 28 and 23 they play with other couples and love it

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