Multilingual School

in Education2 months ago

Modern parents would know the benefits of knowing more than one language so they would intentionally send their children for extra lessons or choose a school with education system that allows the nurturing of more than one language.

At a young age, most kids may not reject learning a new language but learning through fun would culture greater interest.

Learning should be out of interest rather than for a coming examination.

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In my country, kids learn more than one language in school but it comes with an exam so they do not enjoy it as much as they should.

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Getting promoted may often depend on the overall results for all subjects that can add extra stress to the young ones.

Cultivate the joy of learning can really nurture a lifelong learner.


It is very much important if a kid of elementary level speaks his/her own mother tongue than the teacher needs to respect it and on top of that try to teach him/her in that very language.

In short being a teacher is not an easy job, it is a highly responsible one :)