Japanese Nursery School

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Education is important as the foundation of future prospect by most parents around the world.

In Japan, kids from less than 1 year old to 6 years old can attend nursery as an early preschool education.

Most parents would use bicycles to drop off and pick up their kids with some schools that provide school buses as an alternative for busy parents.

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Some schools have electronic sign in system to ease the need for marking attendance like how we usually do it for most schools around the world.

Students are used to taking off their outdoor shoes and were indoor ones before entering the schools.

Basic politeness is reinforced in schools and greater responsibilities are given as kids grow older.

The routine of singing or reciting before the start of a meal is probably an established routine.

Customised food is given to those with allergies or special diets while the rest would queue up to get their food.

Kids learn to clean up the mess by themselves since the need of independence and responsibility is important.

Good learning experience from young can lay the right foundation before formal education.