Huge Hospital Bill Paid With A Glass Of Milk And A Bun

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A kind act can have a lasting effect even if we never expect it many years later.

A kind young lady gave a poor boy, who did not have enough money for food, a glass of milk and a bun. The poor boy was struggling to earn enough for his school and rent as well as food for his mum.

Life was indeed tough for the poor boy but this kind gesture had given him hope in the kindness of humanity.

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Many years later, the poor boy became a doctor. The kind young lady was seriously ill and there was not a single doctor who was able to help her.

The poor boy, who became a doctor as an adult, was able to remember the kindness of the lady even after many years later.

He was able to cure her illness and he even paid her expensive medical bill with a simple note that it was paid for with a glass of milk and a bun.

The kind young lady may have shown her kindness without expecting anything in return but it was an incredible act of kindness that had impacted the poor boy for life.


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