Helping Others With Disability

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Ng Jun Kang had brain injury since birth resulting him with cerebral palsy. This condition has affected his speech development and physical movement.

He had to go through occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy. Life was hard not only for him but it was harder for his mother who had to take care of him.

He had also received Botox treatment to release the tension in his legs to enable him to move better as well as leg brace for the correction of his walking posture.

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He had received lots of help even in school since he was not able move around easily.

He may have faced many challenges but his condition has instilled in him the patience and resilience.

He eventually managed to get a place of study in the National University Of Singapore which was a dream coming true for him.

He hopes to develop applications for those who have disabilities like him in the future with the knowledge that he acquires from his studies.

He is a good example of a fighter in life to overcome challenges that may look impossible.


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