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Dr Nick Fuhrman shared about what were the things that he felt great teachers would do.

From his sharing in Tedx, we can know how passionate he is in teaching.

He was able to bring in real animals into his lessons.

The authentic experience that an educator can provide to students is really priceless.

I would probably remember it if my ex-teachers had ever brought in real animals into their lessons even in my adulthood.

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In his video, he shared that great teachers should celebrate mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities for learning and we should never avoid them.

We remember our terrible mistakes in the past without taking great effort to do it actually.

We should also appreciate the differences of different students as they are able to form part of the missing puzzle within a classroom. Everyone should be accepted without biasness.

We should also constantly give feedback as well as getting feedback.

Students know that they have done well or areas that need improvement when feedback is given.

By getting feedback from our students, we can also know how we can make our lessons better.

Great teachers should constantly evaluate themselves so that they can constantly improve.

We must admit that students from 10 years ago were totally different from the students that we are facing today.

Changing our teaching methods and approaches will need to be done regularly to suit the different cohort of students.

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