Finding A Way Out Of Unexpected Retrenchment

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Covid-19 has caught many of us without a warning. There were many businesses that were on a stand still.

Daniel Tan was an Airline Cabin Crew for 7 years but Covid-19 had disrupted his career that he once thought that he would be doing it for life.

He was able to get a new job as social media specialist successfully in mid-April. He was retrenched within a month along with 1900 other employees worldwide in Airbnb.

It was a big blow for him especially he took a step of faith in this new career.

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Due to the lockdown in Singapore, there was a demand for home bakers and he started his own cake business in selling Basque burnt cheesecake and fudgy blackout brownies.

He managed to sell around 300 cakes in the first month and it was an unexpected great success for him.

This new business provided income for his whole family. He had a monthly profit around $2000 to $3000 that he was able to share with his parents and partner.

It may not be much at the moment if he compared with his previous role in Airbnb but he continued to develop his business in different ways from marketing to improving his product.

He eventually decided to get a more stable income as the situation in Singapore was getting better.

His experience in running his own business had helped him to stand out during interviews.

During times of difficulties, he did not give up and he had found ways to get through to gain valuable life experiences that money can never buy.