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Dan Finkel shared on Tedx about how everyone can have fun with Math.

I am a Math teacher and my new students often hated Math in the beginning of the year as they faced too many failures in the past.

I personally think that the need to build their love for Math through little successes and fun can be really important to build their confidence in the process.

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Dan Finkel shared about starting the lesson with a question. It is indeed a good way to trigger engagement and the question may not necessarily have an immediate answer.

We should never rush to answer for our students when they are struggling as thinking is happening through struggling to answer a question.

Teachers should never treat themselves as answer keys as we may not always have all the answers.

I do have teachers who would ask me about Math question in the Teacher Room but they can always get their students to find out the answers on their own since internet provides many different self-directed learning opportunities these days if we can make good use of it.

We should encourage students to confront the Mathematical facts and they can prove whether the facts are really the facts.

Learning blindly because our teachers said so should not be encouraged in the competitive world of this day.

Critical thinking is one of the many requirements for our students to face their future workplace.

I do hope that the above videoclip can inspire you in making your Math lessons interesting and fun for your students if you are an educator.

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