A Birthday Surprise For A Favourite Teacher

in Education2 months ago

Cindy Davis sought the help of Pete Tidwell, The Mighty Baker, to bake a special cake for her favourite teacher who had kept in contact with her all these years.

Her teacher had the same birthday week as her and she wanted to show her appreciation to her teacher during this special birthday week.

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Her teacher came at the critical time of her life and she wanted to thank her teacher.

The special cake came with crayons with special words written on them for her teacher.

Her teacher was the reason why Cindy Davis became a teacher and even a principal in the end.

She was even training future teachers eventually in the later part of her career.

It was definitely a great moment to appreciate someone who had changed her life at that critical moment of her life.

It was the best birthday gift a teacher can ever receive especially it was forty years later.