COMPREHENSION READING: It Pays to be Hardworking

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In the village of Ogbo, there lived a woman named Afolabi, Afolabi was a hardworking and a very successful trader. She had a big shop in the outskirt of the city and had two daughters named Bola and Alaba.

Although, Bola was the eldest she was never hardworking nor serious with her studies. She was always lavishing money and going out with her friends while Alabi was hardworking and studies. She always helped her mother on Saturdays in the house as well as in the shop.

Alabi always stayed indoor to read or go to the library to read whenever she was free but Bola always never had time for her studies.

Alabi because of her hard work and her intelligence, she always came first in class and as a result, she was given a scholarship. Bola never did well in her school work and always came last or she repeated a class.

Soon enough, Alabi was in the same class as Bola. Their mother was always worried and not happy with the performances of Bola in her school work and had looked for ways to help her but all to no avail. She was never interested in her school work and was interested more in lavishing her mother's money and partying with friends.

Afolabi their mother always sat her daughters down and advised them telling them her struggle and how she was able to succeed after she lost her both parent and in all advised her children to work very hard.

Bola did not change his attitude towards his studies and life in general. Both Bola and Alabi sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). While Alabi had distinctions in all her subjects, Bola failed in all subjects.

Alabi gained admission into the university to read Law and because of her good result was given a scholarship, Bola had to repeat the school certificate examinations but still could not get a good result.

She was then sent by her mother to learn a trade while her sister became a Lawyer. Bola regretted that she did not heed her mother's warnings and lamented how she would have been hardworking one day when she saw most of her mates becoming medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, and the rest.


  1. How many daughters does Mrs. Afolabi have?
  2. Why did Bola fail?
  3. Was their mother happy about Bola's behavior towards studies?
  4. Who was Alabi?
  5. What is the moral lesson you have learned from this story?