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Dotun was a bully boy and because he was huge, he always bullied his classmates and other junior pupils in the school. Many students including his classmates were always afraid of him and never dared him.

Dotun always beat the junior pupils and forcefully got their property from them. Most times, he got their lunch or money for their lunch. Other times, he ceased his classmate's exercise books and left them crying.

Everybody was afraid of Dotun but nobody dared report him to the teachers or principal because they were sure of getting the beaten of their life if they dared report him.

Bode was a junior student and funny enough, he has gotten beaten once or many times from Dotun because he had refused to give Dotun what he requested but this time, Dotun asked him for Five hundred Naira which he didn't know where to get the money from than to steal from his mother. Although he was afraid of stealing from his mother, he could not tell his mother either, he could not also tell his friends about the bully boy and his request.

When Bode got home that faithful day, he was worried and could not eat. His mother asked what was wrong but he did not tell. He was thinking of how he would be free from Dotun the bully boy. When Bode's mother left the house, he went into his mother's bedroom and opened her boxes, and started searching. At last, he found a bundle of money and removed the money he needed, and left the room before she came back.

The next day, he was early to school and after the assembly, he thought of looking for Dotun to give him the money before he corners him and beat him. While he was walking to the class. Dotun drew Bode by the ear and asked him about the money he asked him to bring. Bode removed the money and gave it to him but Dotun wasn't pleased with the amount of money given to him so he struck bode by the mouth and hit him so badly that blood was coming out from his mouth.

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Dotun beat him so badly that he lay on the ground till his friends came out in search of him since they didn't find him in the class. He was ashamed but decided to tell his friends everything. His friends decided to teach Dotun a lesson he would never forget.

Not long after, the boys were out on the field when Dotun decided to attack Bode. While Bode wasn't watching, Dotun struck a blow that landed on Bode's face and when he tried landing another, Bode was fast to duck the second blow which caused Dotun to land on the ground with a loud thud which caused other students to cheer.

Bode jumped on Dotun and gave him the beaten of his life with his other friends helping to make sure Dotun does not stand up. While there were still beating him two boys came and separated the fight. Dotun felt ashamed while the other students continued to make fun of Dotun.

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The boys were taken to the principal which Bode told the principal everything and Dotun could not deny them. he was punished the next day in the assembly hall, and he was given two weeks of hard labor in the school compound as a lesson to others. His parents were called by the principal and when they arrived, they were asked to pay back all the money he had taken from Bode.


  1. Why was Bode worry and afraid?
  2. Why did Dotun hit Bode on his mouth?
  3. Was Bode able to gather the courage to tell his friends about Dotun?
  4. Did Bode teach Dotun a lesson?
  5. What lessons did you learn from this story?