Recommended exercises for children with stress

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As a parent, he may feel stressed, anxious, discouraged, confused, and without his usual sources of support. Your children are likely to experience similar feelings, although they may express them differently.


It is important to remember that children expect guidance from parents on how to respond to stressful events. To reduce anxiety, talk to children, teach them helpful coping strategies, and make them feel comfortable.

The following tips, activities, and games can help you calm your children, help them deal with their emotions, and feel more secure.

We hope these exercises benefit both you and your children. Children will identify ways to comfort, indulge, express their feelings, and strengthen the relationship.

Children will learn age-appropriate ways to cope with situations that can be very difficult. Participation in some of the proposed activities will help them learn and develop skills for a healthy adaptation to the world around them.

  • Quiet and relaxing place
    Select a place in the house and prepare with music and two blankets or mats on the floor, one for your child and one for you. Lie straight and do a few breaths (there are a lot of breathing exercises), then sit down and try to touch your toes without bending your knees, do this several times include laughter in this therapy.

  • Play with Bubbles
    Blowing bubbles is excellent to relax, invites the child to run after the bubbles to puncture them is as fun as blowing them.


  • Water games
    When your child splashes water and tries to wet an adult they like it and laugh a lot it makes them relax. The sound of water, the feeling of lather, and the smell help can calm the child. Even playing with floating toys in a large bowl of water can be relaxing.

  • Inhale and exhale
    A simple task is to ask the children to close their eyes and imagine the smell of their favorite perfume and inhale and then exhale as if they were blowing out their birthday candle.


  • Make up a funny story
    The parent begins the story and then the child continues it, alternating one sentence at a time. Try to include characters in the story that make the child laugh. At the end they can draw a picture of the story,

  • Write a letter
    Invite the child to write a letter to someone who has not seen for a long time, to tell him how much he misses them; If he still does not know how to write, tell him that you dictate him, write it and at the end he can draw a picture.


Other exercises:

  • Jump the rope
  • Visualize a quiet place
  • Sing out loud

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What other exercises can you recommend for children with stress?


This is really helpful to our parents especially today. I believe in all your points, dear. Children must be given varied activities so they can release their creativity and frustrations. I'm working with children for four years now, and I have seen how their eyes glitter every time we do these different creative activities.

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