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RE: Healing a toxic relationship. | Marriage 101

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I wish I could send this to my sister. She’s in an awful relationship but seems to be ignorant of the clear signs. I am hoping she’s just scared to break up with him and to change her life but it’s so obvious that he doesn’t care at all. So many of the signs here apply!


You can share this to her bro. I also have shared this to my friend. 💖 The reason why I'm writing things like this, for me to help others. 💖

I’ve tried and my wife have tried to talk sense into her but it’s her first real boyfriend and she’s blind to it all. Subconsciously I know she realizes it but consciously she will not let herself admit it. Lot more to the story but that’s for another day!

Appreciate you posting this! Keep up the great work!


Thanks Bro. I hope everything go well for your sister. She just need to be aware or let's say. She needs to open her eyes about what's happening. And also she needs to love herself too.

Thanks 👍

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Thanks for the tokens 💖

I'm hoping that your sister will see it. And also understand that you and your wife is so worried about her. And you just want the best for her. I hope she'll open her eyes to the reality. 😔