READING COMPREHENSION: Kehinde the keke driver.

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There was a kekeman called Kehinde who was very hardworking and hadworking until the day that he found a bag inside his tricycle. This turned his story from being upright to a lazy man. Early in the money, he takes out the tricycle which he drives for Mr. Kalu on a higher purchase rate. His duty demanded him to drive the tricycle for a day and make daily returns which was about three thousand 3,000 naira. At the point of getting the tricycle, Kehinde had promised Mr. Ukafor that he was going to be faithful with his dealings in the keke business.
However, after three months of undergoing the keke driving business, Kehinde was either very happy with himself that he was able to realize a huge amount of money daily which after giving in his daily returns, he was still left with some amount of money that accumulated to four thousand naira. This means that Kehinde made roughly four thousand naira daily but he was not satisfied with this about and was still inquisitive to making more. This quest for more pushed him to doing some crazy things like trying his luck on some punszy schemes which he was very unlucky with. He lost more money than her won. This made him start to derail in his daily returns which his benefactor Mr. Ugochuckwu always complained about.
Sadly, he always lied to Mr.Ukuchucku that he was either robbed or that the tricycle had developed a fault or so. This was in reality very far from the truth and the man warned him that he was going to take his tricycle from him. Kehinde was now owing the man three weeks daily return and was praying that luck would shine on him. Forturnate for him, luck shone on him when he picked two young men from a music recording studio along Lekki-Ibadan Express way. The duo were returning to their lounge at the Festac Guest House. When they reached their location, they forgot to take their bag out of the keke.

Immediately Kehinde drove pass the hotel, turned round and saw a bag, he suspected that the bag belonged to the previous passengers whom he just dropped off. He opened the bag and saw clean currencies of 500 and 1000 Nigerian currency. He couldn’t believe his eyes so he immediately zipped the bag and was about hiding the bag in a better position at the back of the tricycle when he heard people shout at him to stop. He quickly zoomed off with the money while thanking his stars that his prayers has been answered. This very silly act of zooming off however got him in trouble that he lived to regret in the concluding part of the story.
Stay intact, I will come by with the conclusion. Read it up tomorrow. Bye for now.

Question and Answers

a.Who was a dishonest Keke driver?
b.What is the name of the person he got keke from?
c.What made him become lazy?
d.What did he do to the bag he saw in his tricycle?
e.What was inside his bag?