Grammar for learners - Homonyms worksheet

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We have learned about Homophones - words that sounds the same, but has a different spelling and meaning - The stars shine at night.  The knight has a new sword.

Today we will do revision on Homonyms - these are words that has the same spelling, but different meanings - bank can mean I save my money in the bank, or  The bank of the river is overflowing.


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  • Look at the following words - you must use each word in TWO sentences, where the homonym shows the different meanings
  1. hand
  2. fire
  3. cape
  4. light
  5. lead
  6. fly
  7. bark
  8. calf
  9. arm
  10. bowl
  • Read the following paragraph - find the 10 words that can have more than one meaning and use it in a sentence

At night the San people would build a fire to keep warm.  They sit on the ground and they would tell stories about animals by the light of the fire.  They use their hands to show signs of what they were talking about, such as the branch of a tree, a bird or a hunter using a bow.

When the stories are over and the fire is down to glowing coals, the San would lie down on the animal hides and go to sleep.

  • A lot of jokes uses homonyms - Read the question and answer and explain in your own words what the homonym is and why it is funny
  1. What type of dance do plumbers do?  Tap dancing
  2. Movie stars are so cool.  Why do you think that is?  They have so many fans.
  3. Why did the teacher have to wear her sunglasses while she was teaching?  Her class was so bright.
  4. Why did the king draw straight lines?  He was a ruler.
  5. Why is the cat scared?  It saw the tree bark.
  6. What did the tie say to the hat?  You can go, I am just going to hang around.
  7. What did the ducks get at the restaurant when they were done eating?  A bill




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