English Spelling Worksheet for learners

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It is very important that we spell correctly and it will also help you to read better-If you are not sure how to spell a word you can look it up on the internet or in your dictionary.


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You will only know how to spell it the next time if you keep on practicing writing and spelling these words.

  • Watch the video to help you use your dictionary


Sometimes we use ph or gh to make the f sound like in elephant and laugh. But if a word starts with gh it is pronounced as g like in ghost and ghastly.

  • Lets correct some words that needs a ph or gh - use your dictionary to find the correct spelling.
  1. Elefant is winning a trofy.
  2. Elefant is fotografing a dolfin.
  3. Elefant's nefew.
  4. Elefant is singing into a microfone.
  • Decide which of the following word will get and ph or gh or a f
  1. My nefew doesn't pheel well
  2. The boy has a bad couf.
  3. The medicine will phix him.
  4. That is enouph.
  5. The buphalo is a huge animal.

Words can sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings (homophones)

  • Choose the correct word in the sentence and use the other word to make your own sentence - look up the meanings if you do not know it
  1. She sells/cells sea/see shells on sea shore/see sure.
  2. The horse/hoarse is brown with a black mane/main and tail/tale.
  3. The tortoise beat/beet the hare/hair in the race.
  • Your friend wrote the following sentences with spelling errors.  Help him to correct it. Use the following words - ate  all  for  hour  flour  knead  one dough  know  bread  you  to  some  made  family 
  • If you are done with this, practice the correct spelling of the words.
  1. I no how two make bred.
  2. Ewe mix flower and water to make the doe that you will need.
  3. Bake it fore won our.
  4. I made sum bred roles four my famili last weak.

It is important for you to know spelling and also how to use your dictionary, but you must also be able to put words in alphabetical order.

  • Watch the video if you cannot remember how


  1. Put the following words in alphabetical order - emerge, cycle, waterproof, caterpillar, eel, butterfly, metamorphosis, milk, energy, cold, tadpole, homophone, elephant, hare, tortoise
  2. Make sure you can spell the words and also use them in your own sentences.


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This was a good read, indeed the L2 learners of English language are always faced with tons of challenges with regards to pronunciation of new words they come across. You know why? English language is a rule breaker.
I would want to write on ways of helping the kids that have challeng with spelling. I hope you could stop by to go through it.

Thank you once again for sharing this content here for teachers like us. Believe me, it was worth the read.

Thank you so much