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RE: Binge On This - Lost: Mystery With Addictive Potential

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this show started off so well. ever since the polar bear however it went downhill for me to the point that i got annoyed by the slow pace, it was too slow for me. not rewarding enough to wait for some nitty gritty details to be revealed, i always felt toyed with and kept at arm's length. i really wish the story would have taken other turns than it did, until finally in season 4 or so I seriously started wondering why the hell i a even watching it any longer.
it felt good to quit ahahah.

that said, i would still recommend season 1 to people. just don't get your hopes up that the ensuig seasons will be as satisfying, despite the great promise and cast.
just my opinion of course ;)


Ah okay, so you liked it for the characters' social interaction and problem solving part. I enjoyed that too, but once the mystery bits appeared I kept salivating like a dog, begging for more. I guess this also reveals what I'm a sucker for, which I don't mind. And in the setting of watching a TV show, I even enjoy feeding it (for a few seasons).

I do have to ask ya though: Was the endng rewarding at all? I never knew where they ultimately took it ;)

Also: Have you watched Prison Break by any chance? Season 1 still counts as one of the best for me ever made!

To explain the ending of Lost, in my opinion, they tried to resolve it in the two only remaining ways for mystery shows that have already pulled all the plugs: It was all just a dream, on one hand, and everyone had been dead since the beginning, on the other. In their combination the entire island adventure was just a way into the afterlife. As for the actual island, there was a bit of a changing of the guards, but ultimately things remained the same with the two opposing forces, the light and the dark, guarding it. Normally I would agree with all the disappointed critics, that this was a horrible way to end a series. But the last few seasons had progressed in such extreme ways, that I could not have imagined any other solution either.

that souds rather good though, considering how outlandish it had gotten in between.
god when they first opened this hatch i was so thrilled but then it all fizzled lol

Well, the concept of the hatch was replaced by that button. So we kept waiting, meanwhile things were happening all around. I think it has strong symbolical value.