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RE: A true beauty - The Great Beauty!

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Great review!
This is the kind of writings I long for on hive, on cinetv or anywhere on the internet! Writings that can move you, make you excited in anticipation for the topics discussed!
Thank you for this. :)

I don't consider myself a cinephile, but that should be obvious from my username. While I do not have a film degree, I do consider myself a student of cinema.

The Great Beauty is a remarkable work and for all the influences it borrows from La Dolce Vita, only makes it all the more nostalgic for me. Of course I wasn't alive then, but spending time in Fellini, Visconti, Rossellini, Antonioni films imbued that sense in me permanently—that I was there in 60s, living that era, that life!

By the way,

For me, the story doesn't matter in the first place.

I whole heartedly agree with this!


Thanks a lot! You are a cinephile, it is more than obvious. You also have an advantage given your age ... you've seen the classic movies you're talking about more recently. Which is rare, I mean watching old movies, for many outdated and uninteresting. In your list of Italian directors are also my favorites, the first being Antonioni. It's just that I saw their movies in the 1970s at the movie theater. I forgot a lot of what I saw. My best years were between 70 and 85, then I was a cinephile. Then less and less but I'm glad I can recognize a good movie.

I do envy you for the experience you had in that era! I often feel like I was born too late. Cinema is nearly dead now. All I have are the ones made decades ago. I have still many many films I have not seen yet of course. This is why I go back to them time and time again.

I think you still are a cinephile and the eyes to notice a good one never diminishes. It is like knowing how to swim or paddle a cycle. I also believe, this learned insight in one art form enables us to perceive beauty in others as well.

Yes, I think you're right! The eye formed in discovering beauty, discovers it everywhere.
I lived for up to 45 years in a communist country, in Romania, with a repressive regime and a restriction of access to other countries, especially western ones. I could hardly watch those important movies and because of that when I did, the joy was even more intense.