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RE: My Hi Hive From Switzerland 🙌

in Deutsch D-A-CH11 months ago

This is beautiful gemini twin!! ♥️♥️ And I'm really glad that you have found this place and that we found each other here around. ♥️♥️

I thank you for the invitation, I made a similar post few days ago. There are some initiatives on wich I'm interested that go in the same direction of loving hive, maybe I'll do a mashup haha.

Thank for sharing your thoughts! I send you a big big hug. ♥️♥️

PD: you are absolutely beautiful!!! I loved that pic, and your hear, and your skirt, and your pose... Everything! Haha.


Thank you very much, I feel very grateful to be here and to found you too my GT @vicvperezdelara, you're my sister from heart.
I hope you are going well and happy, big hugs my twin :)