Homemade cakes | Very tasty and soft to eat, was very good.

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Today I ate a cake like this after a long time. I couldn't get out of the house on the lock down, I couldn't even go to anyone's birthday. Didn't even eat cake. I remember missing the cake very much. But my target cousin made her own cake at home by watching YouTube very nicely. Today was a very special day for him, so he cut a cake and fed everyone. Anyway, the cake was very nice. It is also very tasty and sweet to eat.

It took him about 4 hours to make the cake. He has made it by watching videos, he also has a fairly good experience. Chocobin chocolate is served on the top layer of the cake. This step is to make it quite tasteful. But yes, to be honest it has been very nice.।


Everyone, big or small, loves to eat cake. You can easily make a delicious cake at home and win the hearts of your loved ones.

However, many people do not want to make cakes at home due to the risk of making in the oven. But the good news is, even without an oven, there is no problem. You can make fun cakes in the oven.

Learn how to make fun cakes in different ways with oven, oven and rice cooker.

How to make the cream of the cake The white part of the two eggs should be beaten and foamed in an electric beater in a very good way. Beat with 100 grams of cold butter until completely melted. Then you have to beat the icing sugar as per your tasteOnce the sugar is well blended, keep beating the vanilla essence and the two ice cubes again! Once the ice cubes are melted, put them in the normal fridge for 10 minutes. Take it out and beat it again or if you want, beat it with the color of your choice and the cream is ready. Remember that in the case of cream, it is better to beat it again and again. So the electric beater will come in handy here.



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