The Blackberries Are Starting to take over!!

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It’s been a little slow so far and I have only picked about 1 gallon ziplock bag full. Today I got a good load and got some HUGE ones!!

10 of them fill my hand!

I throw any mushy, dried out, or nasty looking ones at the base of the bush and the ducks like to eat them up. This Marion BlackBerry Bush tries to produce way more blackberries than it can handle, especially since they are so giant. The sure size and quantity is overwhelming.


I have literally cut hundreds if not thousands of blackberries off this bush in order to help sweeten these berries up quicker. Typically for them to be sweet, they have to be mush and just fall off the plant. This year I have been using my duck pond water to “fertilize” then once a week. I think this is helping big time.


Once they are picked, I just rinse them off, let them dry and place them on a cookie and into the freezer they go. Freezing them spread out keeps them from sticking together, also makes it easy to vacuum seal.


My plan is to figure out about how much goes into a smoothie and vacuum seal that amount in individual bags. I also think we are going to give Blackberry syrup a try. It probably won’t compete with @thebigsweed & @farm-mom ‘s Maple syrup but we will give it a try.




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Those berries are huge.
We have wild blackberries coming in now but we have to fight the thorns to get them unlike your beauties.
I love the idea of blackberry syrup, with those berries it’s bound to be delicious 😋

Some of these things are Frickin Whoppers lol!!! Would you guys like to add some of these to your farm? My Mom knows how to get starts from them, she is my go-to marion blackberry lady LOL Let me know if you would and I will get a few of them together then we can be Blackberry Buddies 😂

Nice bountiful harvest!

Yes it was a decent harvest and there are many more to come.

It’s really funny we realized the hard way that you need to freeze them on a tray before putting them in a mason jar. We had a lot of frozen stuck together berries this winter and spring, after last years harvest!

My Mom taught me that trick before I ended up with a frozen ball of blackberries. Then someone doesn’t close the garage freezer all the way and you end up with a ball of frozen berries anyway. Lol

Wow... I never saw that big blackberry before 😳

Marion Blackberries get super big and a great thing is, the Bush doesn’t have any thorns. So it makes is a lot nicer when it comes time to pick those huge berries.

Those blackberries are monsters!!! 😍