Shucking Oysters the hard way

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Up till this point I would buy them half shelled. This saved me the work of prying open the shell to get to the goodness inside. My thought was by getting the closed oysters there would be more juice when I shuck them.

When I did not realize is how messy trying to open them up is, especially when someone is as inexperienced as myself with such a task. I also did not have the right tools to open them, so using some screw drivers and a normal knife I go to trying to open them.

Once I tried to open the first one I realized this was going to be an uphill battle, the shell flakes off when you do not drive the blade deep enough. And when enough shell is broken off it gets harder and harder to open them. I need to buy a shucking knife and try again with the proper tool. Though I may learn id rather just leave it to the fish processor to do the shucking. I am sure they do it in seconds where it took me over twenty minutes.

I am glad I did not jam my finger with the screw driver and even more glad I did not cut myself with the knife. Though the oysters are sharp themselves and I think I did get cut on one of the sharp shells.

By sticking the knife into the hinge I work the blade back across the thing that keeps them closed. So its a two part process. Prying them open enough to then get a knife in them to cut that part that holds them together.

Recently I learned if I hear shellfish up slightly I can make them shells open on their own. Thats something I may try in the future so I would not even need a special shucking knife if I can get the shellfish to open by placing them in the oven for a few minutes.

After doing it this way I do not want to repeat this process. I think there are better ways to do this and I will find a good technique that works for myself. So next time I think I will try to pop them in the oven for a few minutes to open them instead of attacking the oyster shells with a screwdriver and knife.

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Oysters are my favorite @solominer
I would just marinate them a bit into a mix of vinegar, ginger, onions, some garlic, hot peppers, black peppers, and seasonings :D
I eat them with rice, truly fantastic, you just have to get used to it but once you had built an acquired taste for it you would want to eat it always. :P

BTW the technique in shucking the Oyster shell that I do before is to press the sides of the shells together a few times so you could be able to see where should shuck so that you can be able to open it.

It is a good way to open those small shells and the ones that are not clean where you can't see where you can stab the freak'n oyster with your knife.

Oh that sounds yummy, I use a similar mix in my bisque. I like using alot of union, garlic and hot peppers too. Hah yeah I am trying to limit how much I eat. I would want to eat it every day, but I hear you can build up an allergy to them if eaten too much.. idk if thats true but its what I heard.

Never thought to squeeze the sides, thats something I will have to try before I resort to putting them in the oven for a few minutes to open them up. Thanks for the tip!

Shucking those little bastards always makes me nervous. I definitely employ gloves or rags. how were they?

Hah yeah I felt the same way, using a towel makes it just a little bit safer.

I made an oyster bisque out of them, really good. Its the only way I like to eat them.