Made a meatloaf this year

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Normally people will bake, fry and even BBQ turkey this time of year. For many years I have done exactly that. Brining the turkey and cooking it slowly in the BBQ in a dish of water. But this year I decided to make some meatloaf.


We are not having anyone over this year and the meat I got is not the kind @activate.alpha likes so I'll be having this loaf to myself. Works out well that way using new sauces in the recipe. I'll probably give my mom a little and have the rest for the upcoming week.


Using some new ingredients including worcestershire sauce it gave the smell of the loaf quite strong. I also added an egg, garlic, and onion.


I made quite the mistake and tried to grind up some breadcrumbs. But not freezing it or toasting it did not grind up well.


I mixed my ground beef into a container holding the stuff mentioned above. I worked the meat into all of the ingredients.


The loaf was ready for the oven. I baked it at 350F for about 30 minutes, then added ketchup glaze to the top and turned up the heat to 400F. Then I came back in 15 minutes to check its temp. It was over 160F inside and ready to eat.


The glaze also had some worcestershire sauce mixed in as well.


The 15 minutes on high really gave the top glaze a nice coating to the loaf. I tried some and surely has a unique flavor. My first time cooking with worcestershire and I think I like it.


Looks really, really good. About to hit my food for turkey day and this got me excited to do so! I love meatloaf!

Thanks man, hope you had a good thanksgiving and your turkey turned out well.

Dammit that looks yummy!

I would much rather have that myself in a more private thanksgiving.

Worcestershire sauce is great and easymode for beef!

Hah thanks alot, yep so judging since it was just me, my mom and @activate.alpha

This the first time I have used worcestershire but I like how it turned out.

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I never tried it with Worchestershire sauce glaze,
I usually use ketchup with sugar!
I'll try it that way next time.

Hah you cannot go wrong with ketchup on meatloaf.. I usually do that but had some Worchestershire sauce laying around.

It's so easy to make this, and it is an inexpensive way to have meat,
when beef prices are so high. 🥰🌺🤙

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BTW, yours was the first blog I read using the Foodies Bee Hive, @solominer.
I followed suit and I will be posting Thanksgiving pictures later on today!

Oh cool! I just checked it out and curated it. Looks like some good eats!!!

Thank you so much for the curation and the upvotes!
I truly appreciate it!!