Working people's breakfast

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I didn't have time to eat at home this morning because I was late waking up and had to go to the office early. So take a moment, I woke up and saw that it was too late. So get up early and run to the office.Everything had to be done so early because I woke up a little late and didn't have time to eat at home.

Honestly, working people have to maintain a lot of time, the importance of time is immense to them because a little waste of their time, a lot of things become random.Only a working man understands how hard it is to go through every day of the week and how much trouble he goes through and how busy he goes through.
When I came to the office, I did all the work in a hurry and got a little empty because I was very hungry so I tried to go to a food shop next to the office and eat something.There is not a very good food shop next to the office and I am having a little financial problem so I sat in a food shop on the street next to the office and ate breakfast.Honestly, when you feel hungry, you don't eat whatever comes in front of you because I think you have to curb hunger to find something better and what more time will it take to satisfy your hunger.
There was not much food in the food shop. There was a little khichuri and some parota. I ordered khichuri without thinking about anything and ate khichuri with full stomach and then I went to the office again.With very little money I was able to eat my morning breakfast and I am feeling pretty good now and working anew and getting energy. Anyway friends this morning I started like this I don't know what is waiting all day but I wish you to wait for something good and I wish you all the best.20200902_094736.jpg


That breakfast looks tasty 🤗 many I should start to work 😁

thanks gentleman for understand my situation. I think every working people face this kind situation in their working time .anyway thanks for your compliment 😊

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