passing the quarantine time by cooking

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Hopefully everyone in this community likes food and likes food so this group has been made food centered.My best wishes to all of you who are here friends. Today I will share with you some food of my country. I hope you will like it.

Since the current situation of the world is so bad, I am living a life of house arrest so I am trying to do something different in my house life to enjoy the time and spend the time. I will try to explain to you all the pictures that I will share with you today. I hope you like it.20200426_22172101.jpegThe month of Ramadan is going on so we have to keep it all day and after fasting we have to eat a little heavy food and for this I will try to make these dishes today to explain every dish, it is a curry made of shrimp, which is shrimp and various made with spices.20200426_22170101.jpegToday it was originally made for dinner with white rice with shrimp and a little vegetable added between the rice like as fried rice. 20200420_13170701.jpegOne of the most well-known things you all eat at home is noodles with shrimp.20200422_15485001.jpeg pasta.20200422_15490501.jpegthis are chips, tea ,Chhola macha actually this are iftar menu. The food is made at home, only the chips are bought from outside, the first food is for dinner and the last food is for iftar.
I am trying to spend this boring time at home like this leisure time but we have to stay at home and stay safe no matter how hard it is. One day this darkness will be over and one day a new sun will come on the earth.

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So lecker,schicke mir was rüber 👍🤣

thanks for your compliment 😊

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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