Our DIY Sundae Special for Summer Treat

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(Photo: My very own Sundae Special)


During my Wednesday Walk, I bought some fruits slog the city's mini forest fruit stands. I bought sweet melon, a bunch of green ripe bananas, fresh sliced pineapple, mangoes, gelatin and fresh milk and ice cream.

We have hot weather so I planned for this cold treat to quench my thirsting throat. A Sundae special would be great I said to myself.

My Preparation


I prepared the following:

• Sweetened sliced pineapple
• Sliced mangoes
• Sliced ripe green bananas
• Gelatin
• Fresh milk
• Pandan leaves


I placed some panda strips while on the process of cooking my sweetened pineapple. The was a mixture of sweet pineapple and pandan.


I boiled 2 tablespoons of gelatin over 2 cups of water with 3tbsp sugar.


Ones hardened, I sliced the gelatin into cubes.


Crushed ice is prepared when all is done.


There. Indeed you need a little effort to achieve something delicious!


And the final act: Fresh milk for our Sundae Special!


With rocky road ice for toppings, everything is perfect! It makes me smile with contentment...I guess I know what to do for extra income this Summer.

Thank you for dropping by.

Till then,



Ala eh kasarap man nyan eh! Parang spevial order na sa class na resto!

Tutuo yan sis. Samantalang puede naman nating gawin ano

That’s looks perfect! I imagine to add durian (my fav fruit) 😍

Hello! Coming from Mindanao, that's my favorite too! Unfortunately, kids never liked the smell. Lol! Thank you for dropping by!

Hi sarimanok,

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Thank you so much. It's overwhelming. God bless.

Lalo sumarap gawa NG ice ream. Yummy!

Yes yes yow!

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Thank you so much!

That Sundae Looks so good

Sorry I have been slack with supporting the Wednesday Walk for a few months now Life has been hectic, but I will try and visit all Wednesday Walks going forward when time permits

But that said thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Hi there! Am glad you're here. I hope everything is fine in your end. I post @wednesdaywalk as much as possible which attracted some of my friends too. Good day.

I was looking through posts I missed and saw you have been active