Saturday fast food

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It has been a loooong full Saturday today with lots of tidying, cleaning, laundry and some Netflix as a relaxing break. Therefore, our lunch today was something quick and healthily dirty!


Homemade burgers, with fresh buns from the baker's...


Beef patties filled with yellow cheese...


And pre-fried potatoes (apologies, I had no time to make some fries from fresh potatoes) cooked in the oven (using the air mode) and with as little olive oil as possible. They came out really good!

Off to Season 3 of Travelers on Netflix now!!

See you around!

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Burgers... Certainly a guilty pleasure, especially on weekends. Your version is quite healthier though. :)

Yes, the only unhealthy touch is the fries and the too much bread...

I gotta get me some of those burgers, fr. They look great ;)

Oh you don't know what you're missing! :P

Hey , what's up , ruthie ???

Salutes to @trumpman :)

Everything is fine, trying to not to get too fat during this lockdown 😂😂
How about you?

Doing fine. I have plenty of time so I said to revive this crypto blogging thing ...

Good for you! It's a shame to leave all this good job of the past go to waste.

I acquired some skills , I met some wonderful people ... It wasn't a waste :)

Super yummi