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It's too hot, humidity is 65°c but I'm so thankful to avoid the spreading of covid19 in my workplace.

The temperature at this moment in my workplace. We need very cold water or fruit juice.


There are people who work outside and I could imagine how they sacrifice themselves for the family. I'm inside the house with aircon but I feel the humidity, how much more the people working outside.

Anyway, because of covid19, we need to be healthy every day. We have to increase vitamin C intake. We should eat good food. Once a week, I make a jar of mixed fruit smoothie.
This is also my version and I included the peeling of the green apple, pineapple, and banana.

Processed it for 20 minutes and no sugar added.

These are 1 banana, 1 green apple, and pineapple chunks.

I made something different, I didn't mix anything like milk or sugar, It's a pure fruit only.

Its better to make it yourself.

Try these;

1 piece of Apple
1 piece banana
1 piece of pineapple
1/2 glass of water

You can use ice cubes and a small amount of sugar as you desire. But I preferably not using any ice cubes and sugar.

It will make 3 small glasses enough for our daily health benefits intake. Doing it yourself is safe than buying in fruits and juice stand.

Stay healthy every day now that we are free to come out tho the open! Covid19 is still on the air!

Thank you for reading.

Hive on!


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Nakatulong pa sa pagpagaan ng pagdigest ng kinain natin. Dapat yan n lng kinakain ng tao prutas para healthy wala ng meat at rice

Opo, kaysa mga pagkain na masarap sa dila ngunit nagbibigay ng sakit.

When I first read, I thought you include the pineapple peelings. Hahaha! 🤯🤐

This looks yummy! We used to make smoothies everyday, but then our blender broke so we couldn't make smoothies anymore. 😢 So sad. The timing is not good, ngayon pa na may COVID. Huhuhu! 😢

Take care always my dear. Happy to have crossed paths again. 😊😉

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Wahaha, peelings of pineapple is delicious. Thank you dear for dropping by. How are you?

Am doing good. Heto priso pa rin. 😬 How about you? Musta ang COVID diyan? Hope okay lang kayo diyan. Ingat po lagi. ❤

Salamat. Open na pero dami pa rin precautions sa bawat galaw.bawal pa rin tipon2 5 persons.

At least medyo maluwang-luwang na. Pero ito raw ang time na dapat dobleng ingat kasi mas marami ang nahahawa dahil sa pagdagsa ng tao.

Dito sa amin, 0 case kami nung initial lockdown for three months. Nung inopen ang borders para doon sa mga locally stranded individuals, ayon biglang taas! 😢 Ngayon umabot na ng more than 400 ang cases namin dito sa region 8. Haaaaayyy. Kaya ingat ingat talaga dapat. Kahit pwede nang lumabas, kung hindi naman kailangan, mas maigi na ipagpaliban lang muna.

Ingat din kayo diyan. ❤