My evening bread and tea

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No long talks today

It has been a really though and stressful day for me guys. I'm so freaking tired.

Here's the story
The house I was staying before was marked by government and it will be removed from the place; so I was in a verge of looking for another apartment to pack in within two few days..

My former landord broke the new to me last week Thursday and returned the few money left for me. I searched and searched for a good apartment and I succeeded in finding one.

Since morning I've been packing and I just finished arranging my stuffs few minutes ago.

I did all that without eating and I lost my appetite. So I bought a 3-in-one tea and bread. That's what I took....


It's very simple, it's more like an appetizer though...
Just a sachet of it will do and one bread.


Boil water using kettle and when it's warm, not hot oo you cut the sachet tea and turn it into a cup alongside with the warm water.




It's a very nice combo, you can take it in the morning, afternoon, evening or in the night.

I love tea and I enjoyed my tea.