My hand made raw mango delicious mash

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As soon as the sound of mashed and raw mango comes out of the mouth or is heard in the ears, water comes to the tongue. At present, raw mangoes and raw ripe mangoes are available in the trees. Moreover, raw mangoes are available in the market. And now it is summer. When we are in the heat of the hot sun. Then our tongue finds a different kind of taste. Raw mango mash is one of those different types of food. So let's see how I make raw mango mash.



All that is needed to make raw mango mash


  • Raw Mango
  • Burnt Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Salt

How to make this delicious mash






First you have to take a few raw mangoes, wash them well in water and throw away the lentils on top. Then they have to be cleaned in water and cut into small pieces.


Then a few peppers should be burned in the fire. Then these burnt peppers should be broken into mangoes and mixed.




Then mix the amount of salt and sugar with this mixture. You can use mustard oil and tamarind and raw banana with it if you want. However, I feel more comfortable eating only raw mango paste.


Some sour and some salty and some sweet all together make this mash very tasty to eat. Especially in summer, the taste of eating this kind of mash is different. It is one of my favorite foods and it is a favorite of many in our family.

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