Smoked Chicken Legs and Grilled London Broil - Food Photography

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Smoked Chicken Legs and Grilled London Broil


Here's a bit of a meat appreciation post... I apologize to any vegans that see this. Towards the end of the summer my family had a little BBQ to celebrate Labor Day. My dad smoked up some chicken legs and my uncle grilled up some London Broil steaks. Everything was awesome as you can see in the pictures.

Below is a shot of the London Broil as it was finishing up. My uncle is a professional chef and knows how to cook some damn good food. My mouth is watering just making this post...

118924729_3978685648813225_746839789493215810_n 1.jpg

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That is Yummy and I hope we may have this together at a next meeting.
Here is a !BEER to enjoy the food even more.

I hope that can be soooon!

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