Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich Topped with a Hashbrown From McDonald's

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Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich Topped with a Hashbrown From McDonald's

From McDonald's
I'm Lovin' It

In the past, one of my go-to "on the road" breakfast choices was a bacon, egg and cheese bagel topped with a hashbrown from Mcdonalds. It's relatively cheap, always quick, and always the same no matter where you are. Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis caused Mcdonald's to renovate and shorten their menu in an attempt to speed up drive-thru times. The bagel was a victim of this change.

I now try to avoid Mcdonald's. Not only because they took the bagel off of the menu, but because of the politics they push on their social platforms. Mcdonald's is part of "Woke Capital", a division of corporate America that pushes SJW-style propaganda on their patrons. They pander to the cultural marxists that are wreaking havoc on this country. I've decided it's time to start voting with my dollars. Mcdonald's won't be receiving as much as they used to. Plus, it's best to find the local gems.

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You always get me with the your food posts. That looks fantastic. I'm starting to eat healthy again so no breakfast sandwiches for The Dood. At least for a little while. Seriously jealous though. I'm a serious breakfast sandwich guy! Cheers!

 last month 

That's a shame. Looks great. I used to do a PB&J with their hash browns, and the little packets of spreads. The heat would melt them all together. Sensational.
I miss carbs, but 40+ comes with some limitations.

woah woah woah...
please do explain this hashbrown PBJ phenomenon...
Like two hashbrowns as the bread? Or a hashbrown within a traditional PBJ...

 last month 

Hashbrowns as the bread. Spread PB on one, J on the other and press them together. They need to still be hot; but religions have been started on less.

will have to give it a go...
you definitely didn't steer me wrong on the crumpets!