A Beetroot and Cheese Sandwich - The Food Snob Version

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Any day is a good day for a sandwich, right?! Especially if it involves cheese! As Jamie Oliver said once "Because cheese changes the world!" And yes... it sure does! As far as I am concerned, any cheese, all cheese all the time, lol! So, I was recently made aware of a sandwich combo that despite loving all the individual ingredients - they were never something I would have considered putting together on a sandwich... although, I have since discovered (thanks Google) that this is a lot more common than I would have expected.

Nonetheless, the combination pricked my curiosity, so I decided to give it a whirl and figured I may as well share it with all of you. In the interest of presentation, I did this as an open sandwich (like a true food snob, lol!) and it was still absolutely delicious, even when eaten with a knife and fork, but if I were to do it again, I would do it closed so that I could just get stuck in!

I decided that a sandwich like this would be best made on some fresh from the market white "plaas brood" (Farm Bread), so I picked up a loaf when we went to the market on Saturday. I cut a nice doorstop size slice because... why not! Plaas brood has got to be one of the most deliciously comforting breads on planet earth - especially when still hot off the press.



I contemplated adding rocket to the plate but something in me said mmmm naaaah - which is practically unheard of for me because cheese and rocket are literally born to go hand in hand! So anyhow, I opted for some diced up butter lettuce instead, which is pretty close to a traditional iceberg lettuce basically just for a little extra juicy crunch in the mouth.

Next up was the foundation of any good sandwich... yes, butter! No sandwich is complete without it, not in my opinion anyway - and no, not margarine, because that is essentially plastic... only real farm butter thanks! The original version of this sadnwich brought in some mayonnaise and I was going to go that route but I decided to add more cheese instead... a justifiable trade off I reckon. I opted for some paprika and black pepper chevin which is essentially a smooth goats cheese and is nothing short of heavenly.




After that came the beetroot - the star of the show really... although you would never say so given all the darn cheese I added, lol! Really speaking, it was the combination of cheese with the beetroot which really appealed to me in concept, because I knew they would marry well. so naturally I went over board and added ALL the cheeses!!! haha! I put a generous amount of beetroot rounds onto the slice, but I drained them a little after removing them from the brine, because I didn't want the bread to get too soggy. I actually would have preferred to cook up a fresh batch of beetroots but, well - I was too lazy to... so bottled beetroot it was! It did the job - and it did it well!



Then it was time for some cheese, cheese and more cheese... I chose a traditional yellow gouda because I love the smooth, creamy deliciousness which I grated using the standard side of the grater. Then, I added to that, some finely grated mild white cheddar for that little bit of cheesy punch and then last but not least, I sprinkled it all with some plain crumbled feta cheese - because feta!



So, that was pretty much that! I cracked a little black pepper around the plate and then got tucked in. It was absolutely bloody delicious!!! No, I did not make it quite the way it was originally introduced to me, but it was pretty close - just a whole lot more cheese, which for me - is never a problem, lol!

Now that I have made it and eaten it, it seems such an obvious combination really... I feel a little stupid to not have ever thought of it myself - but, we learn something new everyday and I am thrilled to have been educated with this one! I reckon it would also be pretty tasty toasted.

It is such a fun combo - one that apparently I have been missing out on for my entire life. This sandwich, made closed and possibly even some with mayonnaise will definitely be getting packed into the picnic basket in future - be it in a much simpler (less food snobby) way, haha!





Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






Cheese can definitely changes the taste of food. But unfortunately too many calories in small amount. :( Sometimes carotine in beetroots can hurt stomach. It's good to take in small quantities though.

Sometimes carotine in beetroots can hurt stomach

I've always been a live on the edge type of person...So I risk eating beetroot.

I will risk it with you... but we each get our own sammmmiches mkay.... ;)

Legit, a girl after my own heart it seems...Yeah, we'll have to have one (or two) each or we'd argue...

Definitely Two. Might still argue though...

Probably...Neither one wiling to throw up the white flag.

Happy to endure a few cramps for that taste combo! :D

Yummi sandwich 💕💕

'twas indeed!

As far as I am concerned, any cheese, all cheese all the time, lol!

Did you say... CHEESE??? Marry me!

Seriously, though, that's a delish combo and — of course — beautiful photos. I was introduced to a version of this seemingly unlikely combo some years back... pickled beetroot (ever so slightly sweet variety) with lightly warmed camembert slices and a few crumbled walnuts on top.

Yes, seriously "food snob."

Allrighty... it's lunchtime!
::: Heading for the kitchen :::

Oh I LOVE that!!! - The camembert! Beetroot and camambert - ACE!!!!!

Jaynie this sounds so scrumptious - can't wait to try it. And that bread!!!!

It was GREAT - even as a open sandwich! :D

Yeah... can't beat plaas brood!

Yes, you are right - nothing like it. I really enjoy fresh homemade bread. I think I could survive on it if I could only choose one thing to eat

With you on that - although, I may choose pasta over bread hehehe :)

A girl after my own heart - I truly love pasta too

I'd never think of combining beetroots with cheese but now you made me curious with your description and photos... I'd definitely try that sandwich!!

Totally! It was NOT something I ever would have conjured.... but once done, I was like "errr well that was actually quite obvious" lol

Back when I ate bread, I enjoyed a sauerkraut, tomato, and cheese sandwich.

So I feel ya? Though I generally find beets too sweet for my liking. But who knows as this apocalypse progresses ... I may be happy for some pickled beets:)

Back when I ate bread

This is my worst nightmare...No bread. Still, I'll admit I limit it these days...But none? What madness is this? Lol.

Haha ... after while it is not the hardship it seems. Commercial bread doesn't taste like much at all. You realize it was the butter you were after all along. I eat butter:)


I get it, and do it. :)


Yes ... grilled

om nom nom!!!! :D

you will thank me:)

Of course...Nothing quite like a late-evening toastie at the kitchen table, the glow of a single light barely barely holding the dark at bay.

A perfect moment. :)

Candle, no light...Four toasties. Now perfect.

Well, that is the great thing about combining ingredients... the cheese completely counters and balances the sweetness of the beetroot. Also - re. the bread - do you peeps not have decent subs for "bread" over there?! We have so many here... and admittedly, most of them don't win the battle of convince - but there are a handful which do - so you get ALL the pleasure without any of the guilt or consequence :)

Most of our bread is commercially made with fast-rising yeast.

Well that sucks..... :D

yeah ... lol

Your legitness just keeps getting more ...Legit

So, the beetroot, cheese and mayo sandwich is a strong favourite of mine and has been for many years. I can't say I've taken it to the extreme heights of legtiness you have here, but alas Jaynie, I am a mere mortal so could never hope to attain the greatness. :)

What appeals to me here is the lack of rocket...You know me. Also, I'd be keen to hear how you feel about straight beetroot, cheese and mayo...But considering your food-snobbery level is off the chain maybe it'll not happen. :)

So...Thanks for this very cool post...As always, so well presented.


I am a mere mortal so could never hope to attain the greatness. :)

Foodie posts have no space for such.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! KIDDING!!! <3

What appeals to me here is the lack of rocket...

Those four cheeses are feeling a little rejection right now ;)

Also, I'd be keen to hear how you feel about straight beetroot, cheese and mayo..

Oh ye of little faith! I made one of those on the side - I mean, I had an entire LOAF of plaas brood to devour - what do you take me for?! :D

So...Thanks for this very cool post...As always, so well presented.

Appreciate the compliment :)

Foodie posts have no space for such

Kicked me in the nuts fair and square Saffer.

I'd say a [loaf of] plaas brood would have a lot to fear with you, me, beetroot, cheese, butter and mayo around... 😂

I'd say a [loaf of] plaas brood would have a lot to fear with you, me, beetroot, cheese, butter and mayo around... 😂

Nah... would probably just throw some Gouda on it and shove it in the microwave for some melted, cheesy heaven lol.

Ah ok, I guess that works too.

I got some beet on my fridge, have to try this!

Please DO!

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What an interesting taste combo! Is this like peanut butter and pickles? Hmmm... maybe? Before I go, I'd invite you to check out @mondoshawan and his #biss contest.... Check it out here!
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peanut butter and pickles?


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Droool😍 I love beetroot, it is so yummy. I think that this combination is good, the goat cheese with pepper looked awesome. I always find myself waiting for your food posts because you make them so tasty visually

the goat cheese with pepper looked awesome.

IT IS!!!

I always find myself waiting for your food posts because you make them so tasty visually

Thank you hon! What a lovely compliment!!!