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RE: If you have not eaten this food until today, try it once, you might like it!

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Wow. That sounds pretty spicy. I'm sure it suits really well with the food you made; and many other things.. Well, to be honest, I am not the spicy sauce/food freak. My papa likes spicy food though. He likes to have jalapenos with his lunch. My mama always told me that when I turn 10 years old, she will teach me how to cook. Once in awhile when I can cook for my family, maybe I will try to make this sauce for my papa. Thank you! :)


I eat some spicy foods. Recently, I cough when I eat spicy food. I must drink water! I also do not like to eat strange foods.

Yes, I don't really "like" spicy foods like jalapenos. Though I can eat a chunk of garlic without drinking water. Because my parents made me grow up with garlic. Since I was about 4 years old I could do it haha. Though just garlic doesn't make me stuffed. So maybe just the scrabbled eggs with garlic is better than jalapenos or chili peppers in pasta hehe.