Sending Yummy American Treats To Aussie Mates

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In this time of boarder restrictions its near impossible to visit your buddies in other countries. So what does Dave do in such situations? He activates the Hidave Cultural Exchange Program and sends a little bit of his country to you! An idea I got from my interactions with a awesome Hive member @galenkp, who initially sent me a package from Australia a few months ago.

Samantha is a buddy of mine from a small outback town in Australia's hinterlands. Her and I hit it off right away and have been good friends ever since. To be honest she's done more for me out of the kindness of her and her families heart than I have ever been able to repay.

So when I found out that she was wanting to try American food items that you can't get in Australia I was keen to do something to make that a reality. A care package of goodies from South Carolina to Kingaroy.

After getting all the items together I hit the road to find adventure at the local postal office.


Putting together international packages is always a process. Here I have everything out on a bench where I will spend the next hour recording the details of weight and cost for each item and filling out the customs paperwork for shipping. I don't mind though. I'm a people watcher and today there were plenty of interesting characters going to the postal office.


Sam and her husband Len are avid grilling enthusiasts. American style BBQ is something they've been wanting to get into. Unfortunately, authenticity is hard to come by in rural Queensland and so a good portion of my package is BBQ sauces
From different regions of the USA. Each region has a different take on the sauce and flavours can vary wildly.


Of course I threw in my favourite meat rub seasoning. Cause everything is better after a little butt rub.


The next thing my friend Sam has been eager to try are seemingly simple items Kool Aid and Big Red chewing gum. Apparently you can't get either at the local shops in her town. So I got a plethora of flavours and heaps of gum for her and her family to try.


The final thing was Twizzlers candy. No problem! In go the Twizzlers.


Everything all packed up tightly and ready for shipping.


And then a note to Sam thanking her for being a good friend to me. Probably the most important item in the package.


All sealed up and about to head off to the other end of the world on a journey of 10,500 miles. I hope Sam and her family enjoy the treats I'm sending. They should arrive right around the start of school holidays. So I'm sure half those candies and Kool Aid will get gobbled up by the kiddos.

Thanks for being my friend Sam!


Post script. Sam and her husband have decided to join the Dave Cultural Exchange Program and are putting together a package of Aussie goodies I love that I can't get anywhere in the USA. We'll each be getting our packages around the same time. I can't wait to see what she sends me.

All pics by hidave


Hidave Cultural Exchange Program

Wouldn't it be cool for shit to be flying all over the world between hivers. I know a few who do it and I've done so a few times; It's just a cool concept.

So, nothing like a good bit of butt rub, everyone knows that! Sam and Len are going to be butt-rubbing to their hearts content soon! Lol.

Good work bro, this is a great concept. I'm thinking I'll make a commitment to send something to a few people around the world soon. It was fun last time I sent 5 hivers Vegemite and other associated Aussie stuff and of course it was fun send you some much-needed Aussie gear to recharge your Australamerican-ness. :)

No seriously a good helping of butt rub always puts a smile on my face!

I concur. The international culture exchange should become a thing here on Hive. The pandemic isolates us so much and yet the world is there for us to enjoy if we can send each other care packages and a little bit of our countries and culture to each other.

I'm still working on AR receiver parts. You think they'll buy at custo that they're just car parts?

Lol...Yeah, car parts for the new pew pew mobile! Hmm, I'd say not though. Customs are switched on.

What if i stencil on the side

"ford kar parts
For ingin and tranzmising"

Lol...That would surely do it. 🤣

Ahhhh, boy. I really like it. Really! That's just some serious coolness.

Yesterday a friend rubbed my nose in the fact that another Hiver I know casually has been doing this for a while. @sjarvie is a multi talented individual that amazes me with her content but she also sends stuff to people. If only we could get her in on the #weekend-engagement thing (sigh).

So, I'm sitting here thinking of what the southwest should send. I spose some Tapitio sauce, some Hatch Chili powder and some dates. Except I don't like dates and hate to even touch them :)

I have a question about the South Carolina sauce. Vinegar or Sorghum? I'm guessing vinegar which is my preference. I make my own rub (in fact have two made up) that change some every time I make a new batch.

Nicely done, my friend. I'm sure your friend will be happy, happy.

South carolina bbq sauce is vinegary and a bit watery. Meant for after the meats cooked. Not as much sugar so it isn't designed for basting but dipping instead. Goes great with smoked pork.

@sjarvie. Join us!!! Come participate in the hidave cultural exchange program!

Good old tapitio! I'm divided cholula or tapitio. Both great both a little different. I'd love to get some authentic oaxacan cafe mole chocolate sauce for chicken and send it to some aussies. I know you guys think mad mex and guzman y gomez two white guys from chicago is real mexican food but here try this! At best id at least like to get them to stop putting parsley in guacamole instead of cilantro

Parsley? Really? Ahahahahahahaha I guess it sort of looks like cilantro if you squint just right!

I am foursquare in favor of Tapitio (don't tell anybody, I'll use Choula in a pinch). I'm also a fan of the Vinegar based BBQ sauces generally. Arthur Bryant gets a pass on that...

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