Aussie Hot Chips!

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If theres one thing I've learned in all my visits to Australia it's that there in the small towns of the queensland hinterlands exists the greatest hot chips or french fires as the yanks call them you'll never taste. Ok so its pretty much anywhere n Australia but thats because aussies have a secret ingredient found only in the "lucky country". Chicken Salt!


How can a simple seasoning sprinkle transform plain old fries into potatoey ambrosia from the gods! I dunno but it certainly does.

A few weeks ago my friend @galenkp was kind enough to send me some chicken salt all the way from South Australia to South Carolina. A journey of 12,000 miles. Saying thanks doesn't quite express my gratitude to Galen but this post of how Dave made traditional Aussie hot chips is dedicated to the good man and the thoughtful gesture he made.

To start off with in America you won't find at the supermarket any real hot chips. However the next closest thing would be typical steak fries. Now real hot chips are a bit shorter and crispier on the outside while soft and tender on the inside. Steak fries tend to be just tender. However, when in Rome you use what you have on hand.


First I coat the steak fries in a bit of spritzed on cooking oil. I'm trying to get them crispy after all. Then I give a generous sprinkle of Aussie Chicken Salt. Toss them chips around a bit and then re apply to make sure they are good and coated.


Although they're supposed to be traditionally fried in oil. I don't got none of that sorta stuff in my kitchen. But I do have the next best thing. An air fryer!


I set the fryer to 400 F and then toss the hot chips into the cooking basket. For 20 minutes they will cook until golden brown. I toss them about half way through.


All done! Now to throw them onto a plate with some tomato sauce ( ketchup in my case as again, you can't get real aussie tomato sauce in the states) and enjoy.


I won't lie these hot chips were devoured in less than five minutes. Yes we ate a whole bag of hot chips. Ok well Barkley the dog got one or two.

Hope you enjoyed watching Dave make Aussie hot chips as much as Dave did actually eating them.

All pics by hidave


They look delicious! Galen is such a great person, his gesture shows so much kindness!

Try to find these... they come out nice and crispy even in an oven or air fryer:

With the chicken salt, are these hot chips' flavor like KFC's old wedge fries? Those were the best.

It has been a long time since I have got my lips on some chicken salt. I am jealous!

If you want a little more authenticity, you can wrap them in butcher's paper and eat them from a a hole torn in the corner :)

Well, if those Finnish postal boys and girls get their Viking longboat into forward gear maybe you'll get some from the old G-dog.

P.s. All this talk of hot chips makes me want some!

potatoey ambrosia from the gods!

Lol...You funny fucker. :)

I hope you enjoyed the chicken salt mate, if you didn't your honorary Australian status will be revoked!

Seriously though, how good is that stuff! I'm glad you got to resume your love-affair with chicken salt and it was my absolute pleasure to provide some for you.

On another note, my mother in law got an air-fryer the other day...I'm keen to see how it goes with different foods...Chips will be one such food. I've heard they are very good.

They do a superb job with chips. Fried chicken is also a cinch and comes out very nice! I haven't tried other foods in the air fryer yet but it's super easy to both use and clean!

I actually stopped by the shops today after work and got another bag of chips. I'm off in two days and I fully plan on making even more aussie style hot chips!

Thank you again so much for sending me that amazing stuff. It is being cherished and put to good use!

Here is, my Australimerican bro!

Faith's mum did fish in there last night apparently, came out good but I'm a hands-on guy and won't believe it until I try it. I will though.

You're welcome for the chicken salt champ, I'll hit you up again someday too, don't worry, I got your six.

P.s. Update on Faith's mum posting in a very short while.

Australimerican! I love it! I'm going to identify as thst from now on!

Try it you'll like it! As they used to say. Seriously the fryer make quick easy work of things.

Reading yoyr post on Faith's mum right now.

Lol, it's a legit term for one such as you. @ginnyannette is also one. Australimerican as she likes Vegemite. (Sent her some a while back).

oh my god, those look DELICIOUS!