Whoo-hoo Random Follower Prize rewards! Congrats Foodies!

Join us Foodies! We ran a quick lottery to see who would win the Random Follower prize. We ran two rounds and came up with the following winners!


Whoo! Hoo! We are all WINNERS!

Why, you ask? Because we have this wonderful platform and ALL these people online blogging, recording and informing everyone about all the great gastronomical things out there, in the Steemiverse and better yet the Foodiverse!

We've hit 76 followers on the account and because of that, we ran 2 rounds. Here are the winners of the Random Follower reward! Each of them won 500 FOODIE.


Congrats! And thanks for the follows.

We want to be able to help those that are creating food-related content and rewards them with FOODIE and Steem. If you follow us we'll send you 250 FOODIE and you will be entered into the Random Follow Reward draw. We run it every 10 followers we hit.

How about the Steem Community Beta as well. We'd love to see a ton of folks joining up there as well. At the moment we have 34 subscribers with $24 pending rewards and 16 active posters.

Foodies Unite



Help us help you and become a supporter

Become a supporter. We're looking for like-minded individuals to help support the #foodiesunite front-end project through delegations. Your support will allow us to help ensure that quality content is rewarded and that we can support ongoing efforts in the community. We will reward any delegation with 2x FOODIE tokens and a 20% weekly delegation reward.

You can use these custom links to delegate Steem to us:
30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP

ALL you foodies come and gather with us in #foodie on https://www.foodiesunite.net!


Keep up the great posts! Visit some of the cool contests hosted by fellow foodies...

There are many great contests around the Steem foodiverse. Here are some of the contests out there that we follow.

We’re also supporting the Foodie community by sponsoring several of curation contests mentioned above! Check out the contests run by @qurator, @foodfightfriday and @jeffjagoe - You can win FOODIE. If you have a contest you want FOODIE sponsorship on, hit us up. We’re all about growing the greater community.


Follow FOODIE Everywhere

Want to earn more easy FOODIE! Just follow us @foodiesunite, it's that simple. Follow us and we'll send you a FOODIE reward. As well for every 10 followers, we get we will hold a random FOODIE reward draw.

We'll be holding two random follower draws tonight for 500 FOODIE and sending out the 250 FOODIE Follow rewards to all those that followed @foodiesunite and joined the Community Beta!! Awesome!

Earn a FOODIE reward by:

Spread the word, be sure to use the #foodie tag in your posts and let's make 2020 a delicious decade!


You can help grow #foodie

Feel free to use the following banner in your posts to promote FOODIE. If you use the code below we'll be sure to give you a 100% upvote on any content that you post.

<center> <a href="https://foodiesunite.net/@foodiesunite"><img src="https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmdYERLn2JimrTqmGG4HU24oXyeKwJUeUXyFXWV5WMGiEe/Banner_follow.png"></a></center>


images: pixabay or pexels

The FOODIE token is a utility token specific to the FoodiesUnite.net site (based on Steem) used for curation, rewards, and contest promotion. The token price is market-driven and may never have any value.


Thank you for this incredible project, I met him thanks to his signature in one of my posts a few days ago, they do an incredible job and I really liked the footer signature I am going to use, I already lit some tokens and started following with my vote greetings..

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