The lockdown foodie

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If the virus doesn't kill, than the lockdown probably will. Politician said, we should all stay home and avoid making changes to the ruling party. So, here we are, stuck at home or workplace.


Old saying goes, what doesn't kill us, make us stronger!!! Neither the virus nor the lockdown can stop me from getting good food. The coconut milk steam rice we call it nasi lemak, is a little cold. I got the cook to fry me two eggs, throw them on top so the egg could warm the steamed rice up, coupled with extremely spicy chilly paste, dude I just couldn't hold it even by describing it, my mouth become watery! Total damage, 4 Ringgit. Less than 1 buck.


Later in the afternoon, not exactly sure if I had too much of eggs in the breakfast, I just couldn't feel too hungry. Walked over to the Chinese restaurant, which the government currently imposed strictly no dine in, I got myself a convenient sticky rice and a minced BBQ pork bun. Lemme tell you, the bun is so soft, and the lightly sweeten BBQ pork filled in there, as soon I took a bite, the filling splash all over my chin, super tasty yo. Not to mention the sticky rice, it's very smooth, and the thicket in the rice is so tender and easy to go down. If you haven't try DRINKINIG rice, this is the one. Total damage, 6 Ringgit. About a dollar and a quarter.


Soon as I reached home, this is what left for me. We've got some overcooked pork chopped in the bowl, probably the female tiger forgot to turn off the cooker and burnt a portion of those pork. On the right is a stash of spinach covering a fried egg, and the bottom is fermented bean curd cooked with tofu and vege. Don't ask me if they're nice, I can't tell you or I'm risking to lose my next dinner, or worse if I get a divorce. So, don't mention. They're edible.


Still have some cake from Saturday, looking at the expiry date, by right should be today. I'm not exactly sure if it's safe to eat, but after I took one bite, and decided I will just go to hell if I don't eat it. So yeah. Might as well eat it!

I know, lockdown seems to be harsh. I know, the economy is taking a hit(yet again). But we, human, still need to eat. If we don't enjoy eat, we might as well don't live. There's always something enjoyable at every different price tag. Find the one that suit our taste bud and fits our lifestyle and go with it.

Am thinking should I make this lockdown foodie a series, to keep myself motivated to take pictures of all my food yo!


I'm working from home and ordering food outside. I miss working in a office man, and freely going outside without a mask. :/

Can't wait to makan nasi lemak in the morning 😂😂. Just another 1 day of Ramadhan

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