BANANA QUESILLO a sweet easy to make and very good

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Hi, how are you all? Today I bring an easy, fast recipe with few ingredients, a recipe that we do not know if it exists but until now I can say that it was born in my house, here is the recipe for a dessert that in my country of Venezuela is called quesillo, in this case of banana


This recipe is simple and very rich so let's go first with the ingredients you need to make it


4 quite ripe bananas
-2 eggs
-2 large tablespoons of powdered milk
-150 grams of sugar
-a pinch of salt




1-Well first put the bananas without the shell in the oven, in this case we did it in an electric oven, to know when is the correct point to remove them from the oven, I will show you

This is how bananas must look

2-While the bananas are in the oven, in a small pot like the one I will show you, add the sugar and take it to the kitchen until it turns caramel as I show in the photos

When you have the caramel, let it rest while the bananas finish cooking.

3-When the bananas are ready, they are taken to the blender, along with the other ingredients that are powdered milk, sugar, eggs and salt and the water is last to know how much water to add the water must cover all the ingredients but without exaggeration, (REMEMBER THE AMOUNTS IN THE INGREDIENTS ABOVE MENTIONED)

4-then in the small pot where they have the caramel ready, pour the mixture from the blender with all the ingredients and then put a lid on it and cook, it can be in a bain-marie or in the oven for 1 hour, in the same way you can review , put a knife in and if it comes out clean from the mixture it is already
5-After about an hour it should be as seen in the first photos, the texture is soft but before unmolding put it in the fridge and once cold you can unmold and eat
I hope you liked this post and you like this recipe, soon more


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hey thanks for the mention and support

Sweet! Definitely on my list to make thank you so much for sharing!
I can't wait!

this dessert its very good and easy :)

Sound perfect for me then thank you! 😃

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