Vegan Tofu Protein Lasagna

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Hey Hivers! My roomie and I made dinner together for once. We normally don't do that, mainly because he eats meat and I don't :P
But he wanted to make dinner together tonight, so we made a Vegan Protein Lasagna which is amazing!

Todays Dinner: Vegan Protein Lasagna

Here’s what I use:

400g of Firm Tofu
1l of Tomato Sauce (We used 3 different ones)
1 Red Onion
400g of Mushrooms
1 medium sized Zuccini
1 Red Bellpepper
1 bag of Spinach
2 tbsp of Nutritional Yeast


Onion Powder

I add some chili sauce to my portion afterwards.,


I recommend to cut everything before doing anything else.

But sauté the Red Onion and the Mushroom until soft.
Then add the Zuccini, Red Bellpepper and Spinach, let it "cook" for 5 mins ish and then add all of the sauces.

We make a "Tofu Risotto" with the Tofu, crumble it up and add the spices you want + the Nutrtional Yeast goes in here.
Preferably drain the Tofu before hand.

We then start to make the Lasagna layer by layer while adding the Tofu crumble on top of the sauce.
But avoid adding Tofu to the last layer.

You do sprinkle a bit of extra Nutritional Yeast on top after the Lasagna at the end.

Bake it in the ovn for 45 mins on 175 Celsius.