Vegan Pizza! Again..

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Hey Hivers! I apparently have a taste for pizza in this period of time. Not sure why, but it tasty and quite easy to make maybe thats why. I am at my parents, so I really don't know the calories and such at the moment x)

Todays Dinner:

Today I made Vegan Pizza

Here’s what I use:

I can tell you what I used, but not how much.

1 box of vegan falafel
1 Zuccunini
1 box of Mushrooms
1 small can of *Tomato paste
3 Potatoes (Enough to cover the entire pizza)
½ of a big Onion


Chop. Top and bake. 175c for 40 mins .


Nutrional Facts:

I don't know the Nutritional facts since I am at my parents.


You made me so hungry thanks for the blog

Thats the point ;) Thanks! :D

Hahahahha but i need to gio cook it myself now hahahah after work

Its only the Chopping which takes sometime :P The Pizza dough is store bought :P

This looks good.


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