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RE: Winners Announcement AUGUST, 2020 - Favorite entries for the COOKBOOK CONTEST by @theterminal

And savoury...Lol...

Great Idea and I am so going to enter this with a vegan/vegetarian recipe as soon as you let me know when and where! 😀

Upvoted and shared on my blog tonight.
Thank you!


Hello @chocolatescorpi The Cookbook Contest by The Terminal is monthly. Each month there is a different category of dishes. So wait until the September contest post is published to see which 3 categories of food to enter.

Thanks for your interest. It's a fun and easy contest. Glad you've decided to join. See you in September.

Sweet, thanks for the info,!
I only just discovered it last night for the first time, so I hope that everyone else will see it on my post last night and put it into their diary too!

I'll also add your info into my post tonight as an NB so everyone else knows too.
Thank you!!! 😀

Super. Thanks, and I look forward to your recipes next month. I hope we have some exciting categories to work with.

Take care, and stay safe.

No problem!
I look forward to it and I can make any category into divine and delicious vegan eats! Lol...
I spent over 30 years working in Hospitality - most in food and beverage and I thought that I knew a lot about food- that was until I stopped eating animals and a whole massive new universe of foods and dishes opened up to me...😀

And I feel so much better for it, physically and mentally. 😀