Indian authentic dessert ShriKhand : Veganized as ShriSoyaKhand

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Shrikhand is a very popular dessert originated in the western state of India, Maharashtra.
It is a non-vegan dessert made by dairy curd. Hung curd is flavoured and sweetened to make Shrikhand.
As usual, I also made this popular dessert vegan.
There are different options to make it vegan but here I used soy curd to make it vegan. Another yoghurt like cashew-rice curd/ almond curd can be used to make it vegan.
The procedure is exactly the same as traditional Shrikhand.
Here I named it Shrikhand instead of ShriSoyaKhand or it can also be called as Amrakhand as mango(Aam) pulp is used in it.
ShriSoyaKhand is very economical also, as with 1 cup of soybean 1kg dessert can be prepared.
Watch this video to know the complete procedure.

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