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RE: Tortellini Asparagus Lunch! Easy and (decently) healthy!

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You know what you are doing in the kitchen. You must be making some people really happy with your cooking. I can't imagine trying to make tortellini. Who cares if you failed. Making tortellini is where I draw the line!

I love your posts for more reasons then one. Keep up the great work!


Thank you!! It means a lot coming from you. At the moment I'm just making myself happy with my cooking haha. My room mate is gone constantly and I'm more or less just brainstorming dishes for when my partner and I are reunited :)

I love how hive inspires me to cook! And seriously, thank you! I love having some feedback

Don't forget to enter #Hivetopchef which theme is "traditional". Looking forward to your creation.

Oh god that sounds intimidating 😂 but I will definitely check it out!!! Once I’m back on the ol laptop

Believe me you are totally right up there.

Hahha I don't believe you! ;) But I'll check it out today.. I'm in the "use all my vegetables and nothing else as fast as possible" stage of my grocery cycle, but in the next few days I could try to get into it :)