My son is making CINNAMON ROLLS for the second Easter breakfast


The second day of Easter started with the cinnamon rolls from little C. Its a thing we all love to eat and we make little ones so they are a great snack during the day aswell. And IF there are any left tomorrow
they can go in the luchboxes to go to school.


We start with the dough and the cinnamon vanilla paste.


We use sugar WITH cinnamon and use ALOT


Its a kit for kids so all the ingredients base are ready to use.


Oven is pre heated


After the sugar is on he rolls the big roll and he will make little rolls by cutting them.









The chef is made by me, about 10 years ago and he is the handsomest chef i have in the house.

The pictures are made by during the chefs cooking, so all credits go to him. The hive is for mum.


This is what we love to do , make things we love to eat and we eat all day.

Happy Easter guys, back to normal pandemic life tomorrow, in quartile home school and home work place, just saying ......


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Date : 5 april 2021 and we make little ones so they are a great snack during the day aswell. And


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Those cinnamon rolls look absolutely delicious little C, I give you 10/10. You did great little fellow. Thanks for sharing.

Ahhh he is so proud and he is smiling so much that someone liked our blog hahhahahaah thank you for making my 10 year old boy happy

Only a pleasure @brittandjosie, I love children, I have three grand sons, I know just how proud they are when someone likes what they do, and tell him he must keep baking, he will make a good husband one day.

Never a dull moment in your life!
Busy, busy supervising kids... this time cinnamon roll!
WTG, supermom @brittandjosie!

Those rolls look delicious. I will surely try to make this :))

The rolls are looking amazing. Nice write up 😀👍🏻👌🏻

I can tell he is handsome even from a glimpse of his side photo.
The hive is for mum indeed 😄
My regards to your handsome young chef and tell him I could use a bite of his cinnamon rolls

I'm seeing a future chef here. I recall back in my baking days cinnamon rolls was one of the best sellers. They get sold out really quick.

Hi @brittandjosie
That kit for making cinnamon rolls looks great. I hadn't seen them, they certainly simplify the process.
It's particularly a sweet that I like a lot. Great job @brit.

Hello @brittandjosie The cinnamon rolls are a favorite of my granddaughter. I didn't know this dessert came in a ready-made package for kids. I'll have to look this up in our grocers section. Do you add any type butter to the dough to keep it tender before you spread the cinnamon and sugar mixture?

Thanks so much for sharing. I learned something new and a cooking item to do with granddaughter next time instead of cookies.