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What was your reaction when you saw the picture above? Very tasty and taste changing isn't it? This is one type of food that you can get anywhere when you are in Indonesia. Some places call it Mie Pangsit, other areas have the name ‘Bakmie Ayam’, but in general we here call it Chicken Noodle.

Chicken noodles are one of the most popular foods in Indonesia, there can be found in carts around, stalls, or even in restaurants. The price also varies from Rp. 7000 - Rp. 18000 depending on the variety and additional toppings, such as eggs, meatballs, or rempelo.
The price is quite cheap for a food that can suffice your stomach capacity.

If you hear chicken noodles of course our minds will imagine a bowl of noodles plus pieces of chicken stew, caisim stew, sprinkling of leeks and a delicious broth. For spicy lovers of course additional pieces of cayenne pepper will be suitable to increase the level of spicy food.

I try to find where this chicken noodle comes from, because the tradition of Indonesian people do not know the type of food Noodle, As easily guessed Chicken noodles are a derivative of a product of chinese food that is Bakmie, this food became one of the food brought by Chinese traders to Indonesia, Good taste is certainly also easily accepted by the People of Indonesia at that time. In his home country, Bakmie uses Lard and Pork, but in Indonesia there is a change according to the culture and circumstances in indonesian society. But it turns out that from the info that I get Indonesian version of Chicken Noodle is completely different from The Chinese Bakmie. Chicken Noodles further accentuate the sweet, savory and spicy taste in contrast to Bakmie which has a more salty and savory taste.

In my city of Medan, North Sumatra one type of Chicken Noodle that is a favorite of the community is Mushroom Chicken Noodle. I had the opportunity to stop by one of the chicken noodle stalls where I live, Mie Ayam Amigos.


Amigos Chicken Noodle is one of the famous chicken noodle stalls in my town. Amigos Chicken Noodle has been around since 1992. Amigos is not Spanish but from the abbreviation "A Bit Out of The Way" which is refers to the original location where they sold which used to be on the edge of the sewer. But now Mie Ayam Amigos already has 2 branches in Medan.

I stopped by setiabudi street branch which is their second branch. At that time the stall was still quiet because it was only at 11 pm but at that time my stomach was very hungry, the location looked very simple and clean.


As we can see this is the menu list of the Warung, the price is very affordable ranging from Rp. 15000 - Rp. 18000. The mainstay menu is Special Mushroom Chicken Noodles containing chicken meat, mushrooms, meatballs are delicious and delicious.


What if you're here to try which menu?


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