Red Velvets

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Got some freebies today in the form of Red Velvet Cakes and I am not sure if I like it or not. I love pastries, but for some weird reason, this is the very first time I will be eating Red Velvet Cakes. Now the only viable reason for that seems to be the fact that I don't like the way they are made or something like that. It seems my Mind has been subconsciously guiding me away from Red Velvet cakes for like forever and I just realized it just now.

Truly the Human Mind is Amazingly Scary!!

Anyways as for making cakes, I have zero experience and even though someday I would love to be able to make cakes I am currently keeping that thought under the lid. The main reason being the fact that we don't have a proper Oven to make a good cake and trying to make a Cake on a Micro oven sounds like a pain in the ass. So yeah me making Cakes will most definitely have to wait until I get a proper Oven in my own House which might be at least 5 years from now.



and how was it? If you liked the cake?

I definitely loved it but still, for some weird reason, my mind is saying not to get hat Cake again.

This thing has my mind melting